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  • Delivery:

Western Domestic U.S. States  can be delivered upon install.  Virtual Store Inc. will attempt to deliver all or part of your new portable simulator system at the time of installation, except for situations where the end-user is installing.

Eastern Domestic U.S. States  usually requires all or part of the simulator system to be shipped to the install site, except for situations where the end-user is installing  .  Otherwise, our technician will arrive soon thereafter.  See 'Shipping' and 'Installation' below for more detail.

Optional Golf Hangar must be installed just prior to simulator installation and must also be pre-shipped (or picked-up in Colorado).   


  • Shipping:

If not delivered upon install, the portable systems can be picked up in Utah or shipped on a pallet starting at $499 in the domestic U.S.   Add another $499 in shipping (approx.) for the optional external Golf Hangar solution where applicable.

The larger built-in systems will require location information to properly estimate shipping expenses.  


  • Installation:

Virtual Store Inc. offers complete installation.  

Portable system installations usually take about one full day.

Testing (1/2 day) / Training (1/2 day). 

Installations that include a Golf Hangar take another day or two.

Custom and built-in simulator systems take longer depending on the premises and location.

Total install costs vary depending upon technician expenses (lodging, etc.). 

Technician rate is $499 per day/per techncian, (travel time billed at $50/hr.)

Self-Installation - in some cases you may be able to install your system yourself. 


 Virtual Course and Driving Range 

Makes a GREAT gift for serious golfers. 

  ORDER today and be playing in a few weeks!

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We primarily recommend, sell, and support the 'Vista' and 'Prestige' lines of Portable Golf Simulators.  These are top of the line 'portable' systems (pictured above)  assembledassembled in the USA by TRUGOLF.     TTThis specific size portable system is universally ideal because of a large view in a small footprint, and it will transport easily, such as in an SUV (even though it has a large 142" diagonal screen size).   Setup time is about 2 or 3 hours, or it may be longer the first time around.

 top of the line 'portable' system (shown above)   



This system is also great for playing golf 'bare-footed' - Gary K., Denver, CO. 


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