This golf practice system is also perfect for those that play 'bare-footed' - Gary K., Denver, CO.


 Affordable Driving Range and Virtual Course System - at Home, Shop, Office... 

Torrey Pines Course

 Torrey Pines - click the image to open a window at Trugolf for more about this. 


We primarily sell this specific top of the line 'portable' system (shown above) called the 'Technique Prestige' - made by TRUGOLF.     Watch Mike and Brian review the Trugolf Simulators  

Besides price, the main reasons that this specific system is such an ideal solution is due to the following considerations:

 ~ It's portable (will transport in a station-wagon)

It has a very large screen size (142' Diag.)

~ It's easy to setup (typically a few hours) 

~ It has a fairly small footprint once setup



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